Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two more blocks of Mom's quilt. There's the "famous" Blue Ribbon that I was so proud of. The picture on the left is (L-R) My Grandma Verna holding me and next to us is Mom. The smaller picture on that block is harder to see but it was some of Grandma's Trick Photography. Mom is holding her two younger sisters in the palms of hands. Grandma was a card :)
The photo on the other block is me and my baby brother. Looks like I'm trying to keep him in the chair. Everyone used to call him "The White Tornado". There were commercials for some cleanser (Ajax, maybe) that showed this little white tornado getting into the corner and then bouncing out and flying off somewhere else at ninety miles an hour. It was supposedly cleaning in the corners but I don't seem to remember David doing much cleaning at that age :) The quote on that block is one of Mom's favorites: If you're lucky enough to be Irish....you're lucky enough!

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