Tuesday, March 18, 2008

These are on the bottom row. The photo is, again, my brother and I. Aren't we cute?? I remember the day the picture was taken. A photographer came to our apartment and set up his equipment and took it. I can't imagine how Mom could have afforded that!
The second block has real Scrabble tiles glued to it. Mom and Grandma used to play Scrabble all the time and when I grew up I was allowed in too. When Grandpa retired, he and Grandma took a camper and travelled and everywhere they went, Grandma took her Scrabbble board, just in case she found someone to play with. Anyway, I have inherited her board and she had written on it, the two words: firth and overt. I suppose she meant to look them up when she got home to the dictionary. By the way, I did NOT use my Grandma's Scrabble tiles...I found a game at a yard sale:)

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