Monday, August 24, 2009

Again, it's been a while. I do have a few things to update. First...the sewing room is still not ready. Technically, it is done but Nancy's room still isn't done. She's sleeping in there but here bed is in the middle of the room and nearly everything else is still in the what is supposed to be the sewing room. The things that are supposed to be in the sewing room are still in the loft. Oh, well.
Donnie was helping a neighbor with a roofing job that was supposed to take a week or two. It's taken ALL summer. The main problem, though, was the room itself. The man who built our house, years before we came along (we're the third owners) had someone do the frame and he did the rest. Then, he did the rest (and I'm using "rest" liberally because there are parts of the house that STILL aren't truly finished). We think he must have done Nancy's room last because it's the worst. The carpet was old bits of remnants and since it was a kid's/spare room we put off replacing it. When we finally did pull it up we found that the subfloor, which we knew was weak and spongy was made of little bits of scraps nailed together. Now they're breaking up and need to be replaced. We already knew this. What we didn't know was that the walls were sitting on these broken pieces. Now it seems that we have to jack up a wall, yank the floor out from under it and shove the new piece in. And, oh yeah, the wall that has to be jacked up has wiring. I expect it to be a while before we get the nerve to do this.
Meanwhile, I am still sewing, just no big projects. I've been locker hooking and almost have a small rug finished. Nancy wants it for her room...when she gets a floor.
I put a piece of embroidery in the county fair and got a blue ribbon (only now the adults get stickers instead of ribbons). I also got a first on a mincemeat pie and in a special show a first on a walnut pie. Here's the embroidery.