Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is the big center block. I had enough blocks done to make the quilt the size I wanted but then I decided I wanted to add more "stuff"...so it had to grow. The larger color photo is All of Us. Mom, my brother and I and our spouses and kids. It was taken close to 15 years ago. To the lower left of that is a B/W picture of my grandma taken shortly after she married my grandpa. She looks serene. Maybe even pensive. Lower yet and to her right, is a picture of all her living children, taken a few years ago. There is a tiny color picture of my brother and his wife and a tiny B/W of my great-grandparents. The slightly larger B/W is another set of great-grandparents with their first two daughters, the littlest one being my "pensive" grandma :)
I really enjoyed working on this block but, of course, now I see things I would do differently.

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