Tuesday, March 18, 2008

These two are on either side of the big block. The saying on the upper one is one I remember my grandma saying. I must have been "helping" her sort quilt scraps and asking "is this too little" "is this big enough" because I remember her saying, "If it's bigger than a cornflake...keep it!" LOL The piece right next to that quote is one I think she would have liked. I save my scraps...ravelings, thread clippings...everything! I take a fistful of pretty ones, lay them on a pretty piece of fabric, put a piece of tulle or organza on top and then zigzag all over with metallic thread. It comes out really pretty and definitely unique...and best of all, I KNOW Grandma would approve :)
The picture in the lower block is one of my mom as a baby, with her paternal grandmother. And yes, she is actually wearing a dust cap!

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