Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Avocado Round Robin

I just finished my part on another block for the Green Garden Avocado round robin. This one belongs to Dianna in California. She mentioned that she liked to camp and when I read that I knew what motif I wanted to use. We also like to spend time outdoors and I've got several patterns for "woodsy" motifs.

I also did two seams. The one to the left of the tent is Chevron stitch overlaid with Herringbone in two shades of green. Then I added Lazy Daisies on the X's and a seed bead to the intersections of the longer threads. The seam to the upper right of the motif is also mine...I forgot the name of the stitch...something "French-sounding" :) It's basically two rows of stem stitch and then in between you make 3 satin stitches in stacks at intervals and then come back making looping circles. The book called for French knots in the circles but I did a sequin with a seed bead instead.

Now, off to work on the one I have for the Purple round robin, Groovy Grapes...and the Food Fight swap...not to mention the quilt I'm working on for my daughter. Fun!!!

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