Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching up with Round Robins

I have fallen a bit behind on several things while trying to keep up with "real" life. But now, the garden is planted (I'll be weeding this afternoon), Mom is done with doctor's appointments for a couple of weeks so now I can get some of these things caught up. Even though I haven't posted lately, I've still had time to sew. I'm an elder companion so I while my charge naps I sew. I really do have the best job in the world!

This is the block I just finished. It belongs to Lindy in Australia. This is part of a Green Garden Round Robin on Yahoo CqForNewbies.

Our group of 7 was called the Avocadoes. I say "was" because this is the last month and now the blocks are returning to their owners. They have been to 2 places in Australia, Kansas, Virginia, California and of course, Indiana. This was my first Round Robin so I was pretty nervous but I think it's done wonders for me. First of all, until this, I had NEVER touched a piece of CQ that wasn't made by me. I had seen them in books and on the internet but never in real life. I've been fascinated to see the way others do things and I've certainly picked up some great ideas. Aside from all that, I think the other great thing about a Round Robin is that it forces you to truly do your best. Things that I may have been satisfied with, had it been my own block, were not good enough for a RR. I couldn't have "B-" work going around the globe with my name on it. Not that what I did send was necessarily "A+" but I do think it deserves "E+" for Effort! LOL The other challenge has been to stay with Green. EVERYTHING had to be green. I love green so I thought this would be easy. NOT! One of the things I love most about CQ is the color contrasts. Black fabric with bright pinks, blues, etc. Cream fabric with browns and greens. But green fabric with green thread? Oh well, we did it!

Here are some closeups of the parts I did. I made the riboon heart that's on the left side. Also the vine and rose on the upper right. For seam treatments I did the dark green seam running "Northwest" of the ribbon heart and then added a few things to seams that were already embellished. I ran some green variegated perle cotton through the dark green lace and added some french knots to a row of blanket stitch on the very top patch. I hope Lindy likes it!

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