Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pam's Avocado Block

This is a picture of Pam's block for our Round Robin. I did the bright green ruffle on the upper left and the vines on the lower left. Pam gave us a great block to work on. There were so many seams to choose from and such nice fabrics!

That green ruffle is some new trim that I found that I really liked. It's Wright's Elastic Metallic Ruffle. It is elastic down the middle with this wispy ruffle of what might be mylar. What I liked best was that I could pull it through to the other side. I alternated, pulling first from one side and then the other to make scallops and then layered two strips of it. I stitched it on with seed beads and was pleased with the results. I hope Pam is also!

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