Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Purple Round Robin - Lindy's block

Believe it or not, I had two blocks belonging to Lindy at the same time. Another RR going on on CQForNewbies is a Purple Color Study. Same rules as the green one...Everything Purple. I wanted to do a motif with 3 pansies but of course, it was harder done than imagined. To have enough shades of purple, that looked right with the fabric was tricky. I wound up doing different stitches to simulate the different shades and textures in the pansy. Of course, I had to forego the little "cheese" colored part in the center, but I think they're still recognizable.

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Maddie Can Fly said...

Love the purple blocks -- all of them I've seen. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blouse. I can see doing a blouse in purple can't you or are you tired of purple by now?