Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Been a while

Well, I haven't posted in a LONG time now. I have still be stitching some, but not a lot. I've been canning, freezing, working, canning, freezing, helping g-daughter, helping Mom, canning, freezing, canning, freezing. I've been feeling like a squirrel, laying up nuts for the winter. But, except for a little bit of pumpkin, I think I'm done. I canned a total of 147 quarts of fruits, juices, jams, etc. Some of those were in pints but the total made 147 quarts. I also filled the freezer and did quite a bit of dehydrating vegetables and fruit leathers.
I have been doing some sewing though. Mainly, I've only had time for it while I'm at work. Thank goodness I have the kind of job where I can sew. I'm in a RR called My Favorite Things. I'm enjoying it but I think I'll let it be my last one for a while. This makes my third one this year and I think I need a bit of a break. I told myself that before this one but who can resist "My Favorite Things"? LOL Of course, I couldn't decide on just one Favorite Thing so I made mine the whole world. It's a landscape and the others in the RR are adding some beautiful things. There's a gorgeous tree and lots of flowers and birds. I can't wait to get it back! Meanwhile, I've done bits on three blocks and will get some pictures posted when I get a chance.
I'm also trying to get some ornaments done for a swap. Those are to be done by Saturday. I have 4 started (I started them in July, I think!) but am still embellishing. When that's done, I still have to assemble them.
I've also started a small piece of CQ for a gift. I'm still piecing that one because I KNOW I have this lovely bit of fabric and I can't put my hand on it. It's actually Christmas ribbon from a few years ago but it was gorgeous....snowy white with silver and blue pine cones....exactly what I need for this project. In the midst of all this other stuff, I'm working on cleaning out the closet where the Christmas stuff is stored so I might find some there. I have been known to reuse ribbon for years :) Actually, I'd reuse scotch tape if I could!
Another sewing project that I'm working on is a quilt for my g-daughter. It's a pineapple log cabin, paper pieced and should be really cute. I found some fabric that is all-over little girls. I cut the girls out and each block has a little girl in the center. There are 5 or 6 different girls.
And... I'm still embroidering quotes on the queen size CQ for my daughter.
And....oh yeah! I went to a seminar a couple weeks ago and want to put some of that new info into action... LANDSCAPES!
I need to shut this computer off now and go sew!

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