Friday, July 25, 2008

Chose Blogs to Award Briliante Weblog

Well, at left you can see the choices I made to award the Brilliante Weblog. As a recipient, you must pass it on to 7 favorites blogs and notify them. I had a really hard time narrowing it down to 7 favorites. I would have, of course, chosen Rengin's even if she weren't the one that awarded it to me. I also considered Gerry, whom we know from all her activity on Yahoo. She's a Wonderful stitcher and always has terrific stuff on her blog. I knew though, that she was really busy lately so I struck her from my list right away. Then I find that one of my choices (Diane's Decorating Diary) just received the award yesterday...from Gerry! LOL Oh well, great minds really do think alike!

While I'm posting, I want to put up a picture of a bracelet I made for a good friend. She wears a lot of Turquoise and Aqua and I hope she likes it!


Jo in NZ said...

Thank you Judy for the award. I am pleased that you enjoy my blogging efforts

Mrs. B said...

Thank you for welcoming me to Blogland !! I Love your site and I have added it to my blog daily reads

Mrs. B